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In my own words.

Björn Burghard. I have been publishing gaming content under the pseudonym Klabautermann since 2015.

Genres. I cover the genres survival, story games, and some OpenWorld approaches.

Publications. I run my own offerings for game enthusiasts (text, map graphics, video). Additionally, I write as a guest author for German-speaking audiences in portals like Guided.news and  Survivethis.news.

Your Benefits.

As the Klabautermann, I appeal to your potential customers on different levels: 

  • Entertainment: subscribers find relaxation and entertainment in the video offering on Twitch and YouTube.
  • Knowledge: Readers of the guide & tutorial blog appreciate the quick but detailed help in his “survival tips to go”.
  • Emotions: I’m trustworthy and can tell compelling stories with my content.

My focus

My focus genre are Survival games

The Long DarkFrostpunkGreen Hell, and Stranded Deep are some titles, I covered with different types of content. In my younger days, I played around with Minecraft and enjoyed the open approach of this game.

Real-life. I work in an office and I am no „Survival Artist“ or „prepper“ but I always had a hands-on mentality and wanted to know how all the stuff works that we use in society. Also how to build up a tent or light a fire.

How does it work? Survival often needs explanation. In real life as well as in video games. That’s why I started to explain things that I already found out in games.

Special questions. I focus on special questions there:

Spoiler choice. I prefer to give my readers or viewers a choice, how much they want to be spoilered or not. The maps for The Long Dark or some tutorials for Green Hell have different spoiler levels. Either you just get a few hints or a full description of what is where.

→ Read more on www.klabbi.info

I publish some of my Blog Articles on other sites. I especially appreciate it if a fan or a member of the development team takes some time for an interview. This often creates deeper content and enough material to publish on different platforms.

I work as a guest author for different web projects and am open to collaborations.

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Two platforms. I publish video content on two platforms:

Twitch: A weekly Livestream normally in the field of survival games.

YouTube: Here I started with singleplayer Let’sPlays. These kinds of videos have become more multiplayer.

Additionally, I also create how-to videos, tutorials, playthroughs, and guides similar to the written content.

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The numbers




Guides & Tutorials

Visits/month: > 20k

Visit duration: > 1:15 min

Bounce Rate: < 55%

Let's Plays & Guides

Subscribers: > 2.5k

Age group 35+: 37%

weekly livestream

Followers: > 550

Live/month: 20-25 h

Articles: > 90

Visits: > 350k

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